Aims and Scope

Northwest Journal of Medical Sciences is a biomedical journal that aims to publish high-quality scholarly articles focusing on the interdisciplinary fields in Medicine, Public health and Medical Education. NJMS is committed to publishing only the highest quality research with judicious and impartial internal and external peer-review to comply with the highest standards in medical publishing. We comprehend the need for the latest scientific evidence, based on rigorously evaluated research and its accessibility to all scientific communities. Our goal is to be a primary diffusion platform for both emerging and experienced researchers, using international standards to publish and spread scientific knowledge with a maximum audience. NJMS remains cognizant of recent advances and issues in health sciences so, we encourage the researchers to write reviews, short commentaries and invited editorials on the emerging issues. Review articles identifying the potential flaws in the existing system and suggesting the changes that could improve patient safety and increase healthcare quality are welcomed. We particularly aim to promote the health standards to improve patient care, based on the latest research results. We also aim to introduce standard ethical methods and increase awareness among the researchers regarding publication ethics. NJMS is also a suitable platform for young researchers and students; we invite undergraduate students to submit their scholarly work which will be published under the Students' Corner section.