Peer Review Policy

Northwest Journal of Medical Sciences (NJMS) ensures an exceptional rigorous peer-review process to assess the articles for scientific accuracy, novelty, and significance. The Journal’s highly qualified editorial board employs a high-quality editing process that often requires extensive revisions to meet the highest publishing standards. NJMS maintains a large database of national and international peer-reviewers who are experts in their respective fields.

All submissions received at NJMS would be reviewed in two stages. In the first stage, the manuscript is reviewed internally by members of the editorial board for initial scrutiny, if submission is not in accordance with the scope of the journal or any major flaw is observed like poor methodology or ethical misconduct, the submission would be likely rejected. If the submission is approved in initial scrutiny, it would be sent to at least two external expert peer reviewers. This process would be double-blinded to maintain anonymity and merit. Except for editorials, all other manuscripts submitted by members of the editorial board must be subjected to external peer-review before acceptance. All manuscripts sent for peer review are considered as privileged communication and no one associated with the editorial and peer-review process is allowed to copy or share manuscripts.

In case of rejection of a manuscript, authors reserve the right to appeal against the decision with proper explanation. The final decision would be taken by Editor in Chief and cannot be challenged.