Self Archiving Policies

Self-Archiving Policies for the Northwest Journal of Medical Sciences
1. Preprint Archives
Authors are encouraged to submit their manuscripts to preprint archives before formal peer review and publication. Any preprint submissions should be acknowledged upon submission.
2. Post-Print Archives
Authors may self-archive the final, peer-reviewed manuscript (post-print) in the following locations:
Institutional repositories associated with the author's affiliated institution.
Non-profit subject repositories such as PubMed Central, with an embargo period of [Specify Embargo Period, e.g., 6-12 months].
3. Version Control
Authors are permitted to self-archive the final, peer-reviewed version of their manuscript, not the publisher's PDF.
4. Attribution
Authors must provide appropriate attribution to the "Northwest Journal of Medical Sciences" in any self-archived copies, including a citation to the original publication.
5. Non-Commercial Use
Self-archived copies may be used for non-commercial purposes, including sharing with colleagues, for teaching, and for personal use.
6. Commercial Use
Commercial entities intending to use self-archived copies for commercial purposes must obtain explicit permission from the "Northwest Journal of Medical Sciences".
7. Linking to the Published Version
Authors must include a hyperlink to the published version of their article on the "Northwest Journal of Medical Sciences" website whenever they share a self-archived copy.
8. Embargo Period
An embargo period of [Specify Embargo Period, e.g., 6-12 months] is in place, during which authors may not self-archive their work to allow the journal an exclusive publishing window.
9. License and Copyright
Authors are expected to adhere to the journal's copyright policy and any associated licensing agreements. The journal may use Creative Commons licenses to define sharing and usage terms.
10. Author Responsibilities
Authors are responsible for complying with the self-archiving policy, obtaining any necessary permissions, and ensuring that the self-archived version aligns with the final, peer-reviewed manuscript.
11. Exceptions
Any exceptions to this self-archiving policy, such as articles with unique copyright arrangements, will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.
12. Third-Party Hosting
Authors are permitted to use third-party websites or platforms for self-archiving, provided they adhere to the terms and conditions of those platforms.
13. Data Availability
Authors are encouraged to make their research data available through appropriate repositories and to provide links to this data alongside self-archived manuscripts.
14. Compliance with Funder Policies
Authors should ensure that their self-archiving practices align with any requirements imposed by funding agencies.
15. Review and Enforcement
The "Northwest Journal of Medical Sciences" will monitor and enforce this self-archiving policy to ensure compliance and protect the interests of the journal and its authors.
16. Accessibility
Authors are encouraged to promote the accessibility and discoverability of their self-archived works to maximize the impact of their research.