Complaint Policy

Complaint policy:

Complaints and Misconduct Policy for the Northwest Journal of Medical Sciences (NJMS)

Definition of a Complaint:  

NJMS acknowledges a complaint as an expression of discontent where the complainant believes there has been a failure of process, such as an unacceptably prolonged delay, an impolite response, or a grave misjudgment. It is essential to differentiate a complaint from a mere disagreement with a decision or publication.

Scope of Complaints:

Complaints must pertain to matters falling within the purview of NJMS editorial department, encompassing content or process.

Procedure for Making a Complaint:

Complaints can be lodged via the following official channel:


Complaint Handling Procedure:

Initial Handling: Complaints will be initially addressed by the relevant editorial team member. If they are unable to resolve the complaint satisfactorily, it will be escalated to the editor.

Acknowledgment: All complaints will be acknowledged upon receipt.

Timely Response: Every effort will be made to provide a definitive response within two weeks. If this is not possible, interim responses will be provided until a resolution is reached.

Escalation: If complainants remain unsatisfied, they have the option to escalate the complaint to the editor, whose decision will be final.

We value complaints as an opportunity for improvement and assure complainants of a prompt, courteous, and constructive response.

Misconduct Handling Policy:

Reporting Misconduct:

Instances of misconduct involving researchers should be reported to the editor via email at

Investigation and Accountability:

The editor is responsible for investigating allegations of misconduct and ensuring the integrity and attribution of published work. Allegations must be supported by relevant evidence, such as overlapping publications or plagiarism. Upon substantiation of misconducts appropriate actions, such as retractions or corrections, will be implemented based on the investigation's findings.

Adherence to Publication Ethics:

Authors and reviewers are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with and strictly adhere to the publication ethics guidelines provided on the official NJMS website.

NJMS is committed to maintaining a high standard of excellence and professionalism. We welcome feedback and view complaints as an opportunity for improvement. This policy ensures a fair, transparent, and official process for addressing complaints and dealing with issues of misconduct.