Plagiarism Policy

The Northwest Journal of Medical Sciences publishes original research, reviews, and scholarly articles in various areas of medical science. As with most scholarly journals, the Northwest Journal of Medical Sciences has a strict plagiarism policy in place to ensure the integrity and originality of the research it publishes. The specific plagiarism policy of the journal may include the following elements:

  1. Originality and prior publication: The Northwest Journal of Medical Sciences requires that all submitted manuscripts are original and have not been published or simultaneously submitted elsewhere. This policy helps prevent duplicate publication and ensures that the research contributes new knowledge to the field.
  2. Proper citation and attribution: Authors are expected to accurately cite and attribute all sources used in their research. This includes citing previous studies, data, and concepts that have influenced the current work. Failure to provide proper attribution can be considered plagiarism.
  3. Plagiarism detection: The journal may employ plagiarism detection tools or software to check submitted manuscripts for potential instances of plagiarism. These tools compare the text of the manuscript against a vast database of published works to identify similarities. Authors should be aware that even unintentional plagiarism can be detected through these checks.
  4. Peer review process: The Northwest Journal of Medical Sciences follows a rigorous peer review process, where experts in the field review the submitted manuscripts. Peer reviewers play a crucial role in identifying potential instances of plagiarism and evaluating the originality and scientific validity of the research.
  5. Consequences of plagiarism: If plagiarism is detected, the Northwest Journal of Medical Sciences may take appropriate actions depending on the severity and extent of the plagiarism. These actions can include rejection of the manuscript, notifying the author's institution, retracting previously published articles, and imposing sanctions on the author, such as prohibiting future submissions.

Authors intending to submit their work to the Northwest Journal of Medical Sciences should carefully read and adhere to the journal's plagiarism policy to ensure that their research meets the required standards of originality and citation. By following these guidelines, authors contribute to maintaining the integrity of the journal and the advancement of medical knowledge.